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American Nemesis

American Nemesis

SKU: 978-0-578-91218-9

The United States of America is the greatest nation on earth.  Our military power is unrivaled, our economy is prosperous, and our Constitution guarantees our rights. Yet even these attributes are dwarfed by the bravery, determination, and resilience of our citizens.  At the end of the day, the American people are what makes our country so formidable.


Despite our power, a new enemy approaches.  More fearsome than any army, more terrifying than any disease, and more destructive than any weapon, this foe is already present on our shores and in our minds. It poisons us with fear, undermines our will to succeed, and damages our morale.  This new enemy is what I call the American Nemesis; the collective actions and attitudes that weaken American resolve and erode our civic pride.


This book contains a detailed examination of the character and history of our great nation and the nature of the American
 Nemesis -- the corrosive force -- that seeks to undermine our values.  This book identifies the threat facing us and advises on how to resist it. Though the enemy is fearsome, all is not lost. Americans have united and repelled every threat in history. 
This foe shall be no different.


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