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Projects, Products, and Interests

What I'm working on

Here is where I will post updates on the different projects I am working on. This will include, writing, art, business ventures, fitness endeavors, and whatever else happens to be on my plate at the time.

Items I find Useful

Here I will recommend products I have found useful in pursuing my goals. It will include everything from cooking utensils and ingredients, to gym equipment, to DIY tools and materials, and everything in between.

Interests and Goals

Here is where I will share general information about my ideas and progress on personal goals. I imagine that anyone viewing this may have similar ambitions as I do, so lets work together!


Book II

Though still in the process or marketing and distributing American Nemesis, I have started research on my next piece. In doing the research for American Nemesis I became aware just how staggeringly powerful the manipulation of information can be. People get very little instruction on how to identify and resist propaganda, outside of a brief topical examination in high school. What I plan to do is take a deep dive in to the history, contemporary use of, sources, and character of propaganda.

Body Transformation
Cook Book

As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to grow up with top tier chef (my mom) right in my own home. After a lot of convincing, she graciously agreed to help my improve my craft and create some new recipes. The result promises to be an eclectic mix of healthy dishes, decadent deserts, and wildly imaginative concoctions.

Pork Shoulder.heic

Summer of 2021 I reached a peak weight of 310lbs, not really ideal given that I haven't played football in more than a decade. I took a fitness challenge and between June and August (55 days) I hit the gym every day and shed 40lbs.  I even achieved my dream of being able to dunk in intramural basketball again. Its not over though, as I still want to be able to do a two-handed tomahawk throw down, and for that, I need to be lighter. The goal is 250, and under 15% body fat by April 1!


Featured Service
Amazon Audible Plus and Premium Plus

Amazon Audible Plus and Premium Plus are first on the list because Amazon's Affiliate Program will pay me $5 for every FREE TRIAL and $10 for every PAID SUBSCRIPTION that you sign up for using my link! That's by far their best bounty! Ladies and gentlemen, how cool would it be if you helped me make money by simply signing up for a free trial of an awesome service? I've always believed that helping ones friends succeed helps one succeed, so here's and easy and free way to help me (and yourself!) succeed! Audible Plus and Premium Plus are very easy to use, useful, and highly informative. Plus, the trial is FREE! Even if you don't care about Audible, why not sign up for a trial and help me get $5? I'll remember it and be extremely grateful. In the future I'll even give you a ride on the private jet I'm definitely going to own. So what are you waiting for, sign up for that free trial using the link below and make me RIIIIIIIIICH!!!

Fitness Equipment
Weight Vest with Bugsy.heic

Cross 101 60 LB Weighted Vest

As seen above, and again here (but with the addition of my dog Bugsy) the Cross 101 Weighted Vest is an essential component of my training. When doing my 40 in 55 challenge I would wear the vest and walk on the treadmill at 15% incline every morning. That is seriously all it took. Not to mention I was able to regain my dunking ability for the first time in 9 years. I'm not saying this was easy, because it wasn't, but if you want to elevate your training and get in shape quickly, get this vest and get on the incline mill.

Amazon Affiliates Flyby Gun.jpg

Flyby Massage Gun

The Flyby Percussive Massage Gun is an excellent product for both recovery and pre-training warm-ups. As I age I get much deeper, chronic soreness after workouts than I did when I was young. In my late twenties, I would play one basketball game on Sunday and be sore in the legs until the following Sunday. Now, the morning after I play, I just hit myself with the gun and I'm right as rain. The massage gun helps to blast out the soreness more effectively than anything else I have tried and is essential for anyone working out multiple times per week. I also use it prior to training to warm up and prevent injury.

Amazon Affiliate Knee Brace.jpg

Joufentian Copper Knee Brace

After having a big scare and spraining my ACL in adult intramural basketball, I decided to add this piece to my playing and training gear. The copper component is anti bacterial and it provides great stability and support. Also its pretty cool looking.

Kitchen Utensils
Amazon Affiliate-Anova Sous Vide.jpg

Anova Sous Vide

This easy to use device perfects temperature control when cooking. Just plug it in, put it in the water, set the desired temperature, then put your bag of ingredients into the water. I use it to perfectly temper chocolate, cook my meat to a precise internal temperature within .5 degrees Fahrenheit, and make amazing stocks and sauces. Must have for any home chef!

Traeger Pro 575

Amazon Affiliates Traegar 575.jpg

This is a top of the market  smoker/ pellet grill that I have used to make some of the most delicious meats I have ever cooked. It is beyond easy to use. Similar to the sous vide, you just turn it on, select the desired temperature, and put the meat on the grill rack. So far smoked pulled pork, smoked salmon, and smoked chicken wings are my favorite things to cook!

Pork Shoulder.heic
Amazon Affiliates- Pellets.jpg

Traegar Pro Grill Pellets

I enjoy cherry the most but you can adjust you pellets to fit your recipe!

Signature Blend






Amazon Affiliates- Pellets.jpg

(Smoked Pork Shoulder- My contribution to Thanksgiving dinner 2021)

Amazon Affiliate- Nutri Ninja.jpg

Nutra Ninja

The Ninja is another of my personal staples that I almost daily. It is perfect for smoothies, but also has a few other uses like making sauces and whipped cream.

8 inch Spring Pan.jpg

8 in Spring Pan

Perfect pan for baking small cakes. I first got this to use to make Becca's valentines Devil's Cream Cake!

Spray Bottle.jpg

Spray Bottle

Very useful in keeping my delicious smoked meats from drying out on the grill. Just fill with apple juice or another mixture and spritz away.

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